Shingles during pregnancy

Shingles during pregnancy

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If you have had chickenpox in childhood,
You can be sure that you will not pass again. But this situation, chickenpox
guarantee that you can stay away from the infectious virus that
It does not. This virus, pain in about one in five people called "shingles"
causes bubbles. Shingles are challenging in every period of life, but
especially during pregnancy can be much more worrying. Fortunately pregnancy
Shingles are less common during the period. Treatment of shingles in pregnancy is usually
It is positive.

Negative effects of shingles and nerve pains
drug treatments are available to reduce the risk. Relevant to get good results
you should start taking the medication within a few days of starting shingles.
Most of the drugs are taken in the form of 1 daily or 1 daily. This
safe in the pregnancy process when medications are used as recommended
will be.

In addition to medicines, over-the-counter medications
It is available. It can also relieve pain, itching
and do it yourself to prevent infection.
There are also applications. These applications include:

Cold to relieve bubbles

Rapid recovery of bubbles
Provide plenty of clothes to wear.

Closing the blistered area with the help of sterile gauze to prevent

What to do?

Before buying over-the-counter medications
you should contact your doctor. Pregnant mothers
not all pain medications can be used in later stages. Chickenpox virus
'varicella-zoster' is a highly contagious virus. Chickenpox disease
you should not get too close to infected people. With infection
you should stay away from all kinds of crowded environments where you may have contact. But
people with chickenpox or shingles if you have had chickenpox
infection is not good. Chickenpox during pregnancy
getting caught, depending on which period of pregnancy you get infection,
may lead to infection or birth defects in the baby. Shingles
may cause potential problems. However, many physicians, shingles
risks are less than the risks of chickenpox. Broad
In a large-scale study, there was a
no evidence was found.

If you have had chickenpox
If you are not sure, your doctor will check your VZV antibodies with your blood test.
Can. If you have an antibody that shows you have had chickenpox before,
you should consider the risk of developing shingles in the future. However, shingles from someone else
it is not possible. There is also a vaccine to help prevent shingles.
Clinical studies suggest that the vaccine results in a fifty percent reduction in all cases of shingles.
showed. Vaccination in some way in people with shingles
weight greatly decreased. However, the best time to get vaccinated
is the period before. Experts expect at least three months to become pregnant after the vaccination
should be.

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