Anemia during pregnancy

Anemia during pregnancy

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Almost all expectant mothers
anemia during pregnancy. Giving important symptoms of anemia
and a condition that should not be ignored. Your anemia is for you and the baby
What is the effect? Is there any harm? Find answers to questions like
will get a bit of question marks.

Your test during pregnancy
If your hemoglobin values ​​are below 10.5 g / dl
(anemia) is called.

Pregnant mother in the world
more than 50% of the candidates have anemia problem. Mother
candidates need approximately 7mg iron per day.
may constitute.

What are the symptoms of anemia?

Anemia; pulse rate, heart
insufficiency, iron deficiency, tongue swelling with B12 deficiency,
blisters, pale skin or mucous membranes, spleen
enlargement or jaundice.

Anemia which
leads to complaints?

Anemia brings many complaints.
These; fatigue and weakness, constant loss of appetite, exertion
shortness of breath, palpitations, headache, fainting or
fainting, dizziness, tinnitus, sudden hair loss, sleep
problems, lack of concentration, chest pain.
They are complaining.

Does anemia affect the baby?

Dangerous for mothers who suffer from anemia
There may be situations. These situations; risk of premature birth, mandatory operative birth,
risk of prolongation of labor, such as fetal death in the womb.

Types of anemia

AA-Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy

During pregnancy
is the most common type of anemia. Experienced iron deficiency anemia some
problems. This event; often give birth, intestinal parasites,
unbalanced and undernourished, frequent abortion or abortion
loss of life, not to use iron medication. Iron
deficiency anemia, even if there is enough iron in the iron vesicles
iron support is certainly.

This discomfort
for the treatment; iron medication
you should take care of your diet by consuming nutrients.


b- b-Megaloblastic anemia during pregnancy

is the second most common anemia. Folic as the main cause
acid deficiency is shown. In the light of doctor treatment is usually every other day 1
mg folic acid tablets are given.

Blood test must be done twice a year before or during your pregnancy.
and have your blood count
Turn heads. Thus, in accordance with the advice of your doctor to avoid anemia, without suffering from anemia
health of your pregnancy
you have completed.

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