Drug Use Without Knowing You are Pregnant

Drug Use Without Knowing You are Pregnant

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In general, the effect of drugs on pregnancy cannot be investigated because of the risk of damaging the pregnancy. Taking medication during the first months of pregnancy will probably not harm the baby. However, the absence of this risk cannot be guaranteed. The effects of the drug are difficult to understand until birth and the effect may occur after many years.

You should always consult a doctor about any medications used during pregnancy. Unfortunately, some of the expectant mothers continue to make decisions without consulting a doctor until the end of the pregnancy.

Used medicinesmay have different effects depending on the genetic structure of the person, ie
effect may be different.

It affects the risk of side effects in other drugs that the pregnant lady has and if she has a different disease. Pregnant women with other diseases (such as heart, kidney, liver disease) take longer to stay in the body of this drug, such as the drug will increase the risk of side effects.

Drug Use in Pregnancy

The most commonly used drugs during pregnancy are anti-nausea, anti-acids (drugs that lower stomach acidity), antihistamines (drugs used against allergy symptoms), analgesics (analgesics), antibiotics, sedatives and sleeping drugs.

Although nearly 100% of the drugs used during pregnancy pass from the placenta to the baby, drugs very few of them cause undesirable conditions in the baby.

Drugs that should not be used in pregnancy

ACE inhibitors


DES (Diethylstilbestrol)

Tetracycline (antibiotic)

Androgen hormones


Thalidomide (Discontinued)

Drugs used in cancer treatment



Carbamazepine, Trimetadione, Phenytoin, Valproic

Lithium (used in psychiatry)
Is a drug)

Coumarin and derivatives


Radioactive iodine

CT (computed tomography)


The formation of organs is completed in the first trimester of pregnancy. Subsequent periods are the period of “growth and development ve and
covers a period with a little less risk for use. Therefore, unless you have to be very obliged in the first trimester of pregnancy medicine should avoid the use.

Drugs Used in Pregnancy



Anti-rheumatic products

Fungal infection medications

Virus Drugs

Means antiparasitic

Blood pressure medications

Asthma medications



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