Ways to get pregnant

Ways to get pregnant

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A long
Do not bother immediately because you can not get pregnant. “I can't get pregnant”
You do not need to have a medical intervention for yourself.
From natural methods to medical intervention, morale, medical treatment
before you start. With the development of technology in medicine
Women together, laborious and expensive
treatment methods.

If you are under 35 years of age, you do not have any anatomical
You can solve this work.

What are these natural methods?

you should know that; the probability of a healthy woman getting pregnant every month, everything
25 percent, even if it's OK. Of course your pregnancy process is other
it may take longer or shorter than women.

spawning period in women, because it is at certain times of menstrual days,
The ability to conceive is not possible every day. If this is the best time to conceive,
It is the middle period of the menstrual cycle. Menstruation on the first day of menstruation
is the beginning of the cycle. Menstrual cycle, next menstrual period begins
ends. The middle of this cycle is 15 days after the start of menstruation.

The best time to stay is the days close to the time of ovulation. Ovulation
between 3 days before and 3 days after the
your chances of staying are high. But it is also not recommended to have a relationship every day.
In this way, the most suitable sperm number will be reduced every 2 days.

Simple ways to get pregnant

Do not consume coffee, caffeine halves the chance of conceiving.

Your partner
she should wear cotton underwear that doesn't fit her body well. Man's ovaries
the heat around it creates trouble for the sperm.

Take vitamin, Vitamin C and Selenium.

consumption and smoking reduces the number of sperm in men. At least during this period
set aside your alcohol and smoking habits.

A and D
vitamin increases sexual desire as well as eliminates the problem of impotence.
Lifts. Eat plenty.

Medical support for getting pregnant

If you are over one year old and no method
If not, it is time to take advantage of the blessings of technology.

baby treatment is a medical that gives the most
method. In this process, the reproductive cells of the male and female
fertilization is provided. Waiting cells 48 hours in a suitable environment
Then, half fertilization of the eggs
It occurs. Fertilized eggs are called embryos. The final stage is the embryo
is placed in the uterus.

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