Notice the symptoms of pregnancy

Notice the symptoms of pregnancy

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Now you realize that you want to be a mother and
you are quite ready for this. Sure you want to bring children to the world
You are. Your life has changed completely since then because now
you will carry the sacred qualities. 'Motherhood'
When the baby is mentioned, the flowing water stops, life begins to live on the clouds.
You will experience this indescribable experience that you have never experienced before.

how will you know that you are pregnant after you make this decision and take action?

As a woman since 12-13 years of age, healthy and
You are menstruating as a normal woman.
Menstrual irregularity or interruption with many diseases more pregnancy
differentiation of pregnancy from other symptoms.
It has multiple indicators.

First of all, women usually ovulate one to fifteen days after their menstrual period.
period and sexual intercourse during this period, the pregnancy rate
high level. 30 days following the date of sexual intercourse
Pregnancy may occur in the process. Fetus evolve after fertilization process
it starts to grow and reaches a certain size. In this process, you
hormonal changes occur, and then your pregnancy becomes clear.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

The most common symptoms of pregnancy; dizziness,
vomiting, nausea, or continuity of sleep. Mother with the exception of the main symptoms
candidates can understand that you are pregnant from some changes in your body. These;
sudden emotional variability, unjustified nerve or sudden crying spells,
tiredness, nausea, constant desire to sleep, fullness of the breasts
sensation and pain, edema in most places in the body, pain in the groin, often
desire to urinate, low back pain, increased discharge, enlargement of pupils or
urinary tract infection.
These symptoms are very similar to menstrual symptoms and can be difficult to distinguish.
Therefore, if you have any suspicion,
There are benefits.
If you want to be 99% sure of your pregnancy symptoms,
We recommend that you use Pregnancy test, about 10 days from menstrual period
If you do it after you have reached a more definite conclusion.

But the most accurate result of pregnancy with ultrasound equipment. Pregnancy
vaginal ultrasound examination since the fetus is very small in the first weeks
your choice.

You beautiful expectant mothers should care about your health and
style signs should always consider. What signs your body gives
The most important thing is to care for yourself and to see a doctor. your body
Unlike the enjoyment of this period, the mother
Experience a pregnancy in your heart with the sacred beauty of being.

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