Anger in pregnancy

Anger in pregnancy

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Pregnant mothers have problems with pregnancy or
from time to time for other reasons, such as sadness, stress and anger.
face to face. Studies under the influence of the expectant mother
stressors can also affect the unborn baby. This
The main reason of interaction
hormones (cortisol, adrenaline) are passed on to the baby through the blood of the mother
It could be better.

How does mother's stress and sadness affect the baby? Does it harm?

In many studies conducted on the subject
Pregnant women experience intense stress on the baby with some negative
effects. These:

- Increased risk of miscarriage
- Early birth
- Low birth weight
- Severe mental problems
- Attention deficit and hyperactivity
- Emotional problems
- Irritability

Are there any reasons?
Some studies indicate that the mother-to-be is due to major earthquakes and similar natural disasters.
very serious psychological trauma and stress to the baby's adolescence
risk of serious psychological illness increases

Stress during pregnancy and
Recommendations to minimize the above risks:
- Identify sources of stress in your life.
- Try to eat adequate and balanced.
- Enjoy a sleep scheme of health.
- Do simple exercise applications according to your doctor's recommendations.
- Worry about not having enough information about pregnancy and childbirth
information from your doctor or pregnant training classes.
Learn. The main cause of fear is ignorance.
- If you have difficulty coping with yourself or have a severe psychological
If you have problems, you should get help from a psychiatrist.

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