Importance of having pets in the development of children

Importance of having pets in the development of children

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A cat that constantly cries, a dog that doesn't leave the owner wherever he goes, a colorful fish that goes on and on like a bird, or a bird that keeps making different noises; which of us may be insensitive to these domestic friends. Pets become the center of great attention for children who are trying to get to know life more. Animals are so enchanted, so to speak, because they walk and 'talk' in a way that is very different from the child himself or his parents. Feeding an animal at home helps the child feel responsible and make a special 'friend' to talk to. Stressing that children are important things to learn from animals, psychologists say that the child who communicates strongly with an animal at home shows positive behaviors to his friends, the elderly and the animals in later years.

In particular, children who experience frequent outbursts and whining are able to minimize these behaviors with a pet. Research also shows that communication between the child and the cat or dog at home improves learning and language skills. Experts point out that children who feed pets at home are more successful at school, and their self-esteem and self-esteem are improved.

Protective Dog? Colorful Fish?

When parents decide to take an animal home, they should review their lifestyle and decide which pet to feed. The animal that best suits the family, the size of the house and the age of the children should be selected. Many families prefer to feed cats or dogs because they are loyal and active. However, the sound and movements of the animal in the house attract the attention of a small baby. Therefore, colorful fish or a bird that makes different sounds should be preferred. Moreover, these animals are safer than cats and dogs. No matter how loyal they are, the cat or dog can harm small babies.

Domestic animals are children's best friends, but care must be taken to ensure that the child does not remain alone with the animals until at least four years of age for healthy development. For example, a three-year-old child may initially receive an animal, such as rabbit, hampster, fish, bird, if no other animal has been previously fed. Small animals of this type are more suitable for young children because they are easy to care and do not take time. Feeding a cute little rabbit of different colors can be very enjoyable for a small child. Rabbit home care is also very easy. A clean environment and a healthy diet is sufficient. The cost of rabbit feeding is also very low. Carrot, lettuce or green salad twice a day will be enough to feed. It should also be remembered that too much or too little feeding will shorten the life of the rabbit. Like other domestic animals, rabbits should be taken to veterinary control at certain times to avoid disease.

A fluffy fluffy cat can be a fun friend for your child. However, it is necessary to teach the child that the cat is never a toy. Healthy and vaccinated cats do not infect children. If the cat is going out on the street, the cat can get illness from the other cats, which can pass on to the child. This should be carefully monitored. The child should not touch the cat's faeces. If the cat is found on the street and taken home, it should be checked by the vet. Cats can be fed with boiled meat other than food.

Dogs are the most loyal ones among pets. Dogs are particularly protective against children. Families should know that before taking a dog home and feeding it, it is necessary to share life with this lovely animal. Dogs see themselves as family members, and they want the family to see it that way. Feels very well and behaves accordingly to the feelings of family members. Unlike other pets, having a dog requires great responsibility. They should be taken to veterinary control regularly and their vaccines should not be neglected. Morning and evening walks are very important for dogs who are at home all day.

Colorful fish can be extremely interesting, especially for young babies. Fish that can live in a small lantern will attract more attention to the baby. The location and water of the aquarium where the fish live is important. If the filter is not available, half the aquarium water should be changed twice a week. The water should be clean and rested water at room temperature. Fish should not be fed too much.
When she decides to take an animal home, parents should prepare it for the child at home. Children may occasionally torture animals without knowing it. An animal with its tail or feathers pulled may not like it and may be harmful. The child should be taught how to behave without frightening and squeezing the animal. Most importantly, the child should be respectful to the pet.

Care, health and protection

Pets are great creatures for feeding and loving, but disease is just as easy. There may be some dangers, especially in families with small children. Some diseases that may be transmitted to pets include ringworm, scabies, scratching, gastrointestinal infections, respiratory tract infections. It is not recommended by experts to feed animals at home to people with discomfort such as asthma and eczema. Therefore, it is useful to take some health protection measures. Keeping the animals clean is very important to protect the child and the whole family. If the dog droppings are made in any part of the house, they should be cleaned and wrapped in a nylon bag and discarded immediately. The place where the stool is made should be disinfected. The container filled with sand or dirt from which the cat will toilet should be cleaned frequently. The child should also be kept away from this area. Bird cages should be cleaned and ventilated regularly. The food containers of the animals should be cleaned as soon as they are empty and washed separately from the family dish containers. Domestic pets such as cats and dogs should be brushed regularly and dogs should be washed at regular intervals. No matter which pet is taken, it should be examined as soon as possible. Vaccination of cats and dogs should be done. Any bites or scratches should be cleaned immediately, otherwise the child may be infected immediately. For the safety of the child, the dangers from animals and their solution must be known by the parents. Every interaction with the child should be kept under control.

First Aid for Little Friends

Home accidents apply to our domestic friends who share the same environment as us. You need to know first aid practice when your pet's life is in danger. A first aid kit should also be provided for animals. The bag should contain gauze, ointment, tweezers and an illustrated first aid book. For animals, the method of inhalation through closed mouth should be learned. Animals should never be given medicines used by humans and the number of the veterinarian should be at hand. Always be prepared for the worst and should be cool.

Car accidents are the most common events in domestic animals. In such a case, firstly, the breath should be checked and if there is no breath, mouth closed nose should be inhaled. If there is blood, wounds should be wrapped, if the heart does not beat, rhythmic cardiac massage should be applied, if the tongue is blue or whitened, it should be wrapped in a blanket and taken to the vet immediately.

Another emergency event in animals is insect stings. Animals are allergic to insect stings. Unconsciousness, vomiting, saliva, excessive scratching, mouth bloating. If they do not, it is sufficient to remove the insect needle with a pair of tweezers and make a cold compress.

Swallowing of a foreign body is also common. If a foreign object has escaped into the throat, it is best to try to calm him down and take him to the vet immediately. If there is loss of consciousness, the finger should be inserted into the throat and the airway should be opened. Slight blows to the chest, mouth closed mouth to give artificial respiration.

The first place in the accidents that happen to cats falls from a high place. Never drop the cat by hand, a cardboard should be put slowly under. In order to prevent heat loss, it should be covered and called to the vet immediately.

Poisoning is another type of accident that domestic animals may experience. Symptoms may include vomiting, diarrhea, chills, rapid breathing, unusual breath. The animal should be taken to the vet without delay.

If the Animal Dies

Children cannot understand the concept of death and the death of the animal they feed at home can upset them. However, learning the life cycle accelerates their emotional development. In such a case;

• The child should be allowed to grieve and cry, and talk to him about the dead animal.

• A small burial ceremony may be held for the deceased if possible.

• Remember that children have strong memory. If he is allowed to express his emotions, he will forget his pain more quickly.

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