Pregnancy and medicinal plants

Pregnancy and medicinal plants

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The benefits of herbal teas
has become known. Plants that were formerly sold only in herbal shops and
the tea obtained from them is now available for sale in many markets.

Disease healing effect of plants and this
Its use is based on centuries ago. Homeopathically
There are not enough scientific studies related to these treatments,
there is almost no information about their use during pregnancy.
They do not. In addition, some of such medicinal plants, even very innocent known
poisoning effect or other undesirable effects
can create an effect. Many of these plants are boiled and drunk.
Some of them should be consumed directly by eating. Precise and clear reliability
herbs and plants of unknown origin, claimed to be medicinal
you should take care not to consume during the first and last periods of your pregnancy.

Is there a negative effect?

In addition, ready-made bags sold in the market
Most of the ingredients in the teas are normally included in your diet plan.
and most likely non-adverse substances during pregnancy.
It contains. As if there is no harm in consuming such tea at normal levels
It seems. If you want to drink herbal tea, when buying the ingredients
Take a look. Ingredients if the orange contained in your diet plan
peel, sage, lemon and other familiar foods
There is no harm.

Some substances are taken in small amounts
while it may be beneficial, high amounts may have some negative effects. This
The best example of such plants is "cassia" plant. The intestines of cassia
is a plant with stimulant effect, but it is very serious when taken in large amounts
may cause diarrhea. This is for you and your belly
it is quite uncomfortable for your baby. Some
plants have the properties of stimulating contractions in the uterine muscles.
These substances, many of which are not widely used, can cause birth pains to begin.
be consumed in the last period of pregnancy because it may cause
not recommended.

Another issue is the imported tea. Many imported
in tea, some herbs growing in Turkey is located. Therefore, the content
a more favorable choice
It will be.

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