Abdominal stretch marks during pregnancy

Abdominal stretch marks during pregnancy

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Cracks in the abdomen during pregnancy
It is a temporary problem caused by over-stretching capacity. from birth
then the cracks do not leave a marked scar. In rare cases, some mothers
Few pale cracks continue to be seen for a long time after birth.

Crack formation in the abdomen during pregnancy with skin structure
closely related. For delicate skins more crack formation
It is suitable. If your skin is supple, you need to worry
They do not. Because flexible skin is not prone to crack formation. Therefore
no product or preservative is required. Cracks custom
moisturizing creams or almond oil, such as apricot kernel oil externally and
Natural supplements are the most ideal method to resolve. Usually the lower abdomen
buttocks, thighs, chest and
those seen on the arms are pink and white in color. A similar to a skin wound
There are views. Small diameter without depth on skin

What factors cause cracks?

Light-skinned women in pink close-up, brunette
they are seen in light tones or silvery colors. These cracks are mild
level may cause itching. Pregnancy
In the 12th week, when baby movements started to be monitored, abdominal fracture
formation begins. In the 6th month, the subcutaneous ligament of the expectant mother's umbilical region
tissue is stretched and then
begins to tear. These ruptures are red cracks from the outside
as seen. The possibility of cracks in multiple pregnancies, normal
higher than in pregnancy. In some women up to the last 3-4 weeks
cracks may be observed and may be observed later. After birth
the color of the navel cracks, silver and a color close to the pink color of a bright
view. After 6 months, it became unclear and light
revenues. They do not disappear completely and soon after birth.
Sometimes they may leave a slight scar, but only to eliminate this problem.
There are many herbal mixtures formulated with cream, cream and surgical methods.

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