Leg swelling after pregnancy

Leg swelling after pregnancy

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One of the problems that mothers are complaining the most
swelling of the legs. The cause of swelling in the body
retention The body needs more water during pregnancy
hears. Providing support for the baby and the joints for birth
The body needs water for its preparation. Pregnancy for this reason
In the process, the mother candidates drink a lot of water and consumed most of the water in the body.

In addition to the water taken, the weight taken during pregnancy in the legs
causes swelling. Most of the excess weight gain from fluid increase
It arises.

in the legs
swelling may also persist after delivery. But there will be concern
There is no situation. Swelling of the legs spontaneously after about 20 days
It disappears. Keeping this period to a minimum, ie eliminating swelling as soon as possible
Some precautions are required to take.

After pregnancy, how to eliminate swelling in the legs
It should be done? Firstly lift your feet up, avoid swelling
is important to us. Rest your legs in a high place. your legs
the region you extended should be above you. Swelling of the legs
is a very effective method of eliminating.

you should pay attention to nutrition. A balanced diet occurs during pregnancy
from swelling is very effective in removing. In particular, salt in pregnancy
consumption should be careful. If you consume too much salt,
this leads to the accumulation of fluid in the body.

During Pregnancy
comfortable and plenty of clothes to choose, itching and many problems to solve
as well as effective in relieving swelling of the legs. Both
You should prefer comfortable and abundant clothes both during pregnancy and after.
Do not apply pressure on the swelling on your legs.
you should take care.

you should not interfere with doctor checks. Normally, both during pregnancy and
The swelling that occurs after it disappears spontaneously and is a condition to worry about.
It does not occur. However, in some cases, these swelling may also occur in other parts of the body.
It may come out suddenly. This may be a sign of other ailments. This
For this reason, you should not interfere with the doctor's checks during pregnancy.

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