Spots after pregnancy

Spots after pregnancy

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Pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal breastfeeding process
Physiological factors that affect women's body
taking. The most changed regions after giving birth; abdomen, chest and
genital area. Usually women postpartum dangling abdomen and
complain about breasts. In addition, they complained
if the subject; spots after pregnancy.

Doctors who specialize in the field of skin
she says it's normal for a woman to live. Abdomen, nipples,
genital area and facial area; skin blemishes of different sizes and colors
It may occur. Most of the stains mentioned in the first 1 year after birth
will now. Prevention and treatment of skin blemishes

If excess weight has been gained during pregnancy,
a natural deformation occurs and abdominal cracks, skin sagging, belly
deformity, fat and looseness of the abdominal muscles also occur around the hole
It may come.

With the help of the mentioned stains, exercise and diet
although it can be avoided, in some cases it unfortunately does not work. Skin
Stretch marks, especially in the abdomen and excess weight gain hip and upper legs
occurs in areas and does not pass through diet and exercise. For cracks
The most accurate method is laser treatment with the help of an expert.

How do stains pass?

Long on how to get pregnant spots
Of course there are formulas that have been researched for years and can also apply at home.
However, you should not make these formulas without consulting your doctor.

Small Indian Oil With Vitamin E Standing Out - Going To Bed At Night
Mix in a bowl and apply to the spot. Warm in the morning when you get up
Do not forget to clean with water.

- Strawberry juice, cucumber juice and apricot juice in the same amount
in a bowl. Apply to the area stained on your skin. This
The mixture may be useful for stains formed around the eyes.

- Mix oatmeal and apple cider vinegar. Stained area
creeps. After waiting 15 minutes, clean your skin with warm water.

- Before going to bed
spread, spread and mustard, apply to the stained area of ​​your skin and a piece of cloth
with wrap. Clean with warm water in the morning.

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