Things to do after childbirth

Things to do after childbirth

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Congratulations! Your mother-to-mother process is now over
and you are in a puerperium. Being a mother for the first time or again
experiencing happiness. So what to do during the puerperium and what
need to pay attention?

First of all, we should give importance to hygiene after birth.
Remember to wash your hands frequently. Hygiene is the most
The pads we use need to be careful. The pads we use are absorbent, clean
and be soft. They are also colorless and odorless.
It is important. You should pay attention to your underwear along with the pads we use,
especially cotton underwear should be preferred.

If you gave birth to stitches in the first days
Swelling in the stitched area, can be strain. You may have difficulty sitting.
In this process we expect the sewing threads to fall spontaneously, the wound is clean.
shortens the healing process. Wound in about 1-2 weeks

The most curious about hygiene; from birth
then the question of how the bathroom should be done. If you have a normal birth every day
standing and need to take a shower with warm water. When you give birth by cesarean section
a transparent tape is attached to the wound and you are discharged. This
way you can take a standing shower when you go home. Throw the tape after the shower
you can wear your underwear instead.

Another question mark with hygiene
need to resolve. Evacuation problem. Urine must be done in the first 6 hours, here
we shouldn't make the postponement error considering the possibility of stitching.
Defecation may not occur immediately after birth. So fiber foods
should consume and drink plenty of water.

The most attention to your postnatal nutrition
required period. Take care of every meal without skipping any meals. Oily
avoid food and give weight to juicy food. Bitter, sour, spices,
gas will take the baby through the milk when the food will spread
you should be careful thinking. Smoking and alcohol consumption
should avoid as much as possible from beverages such as tea and coffee.
should also remind.

period and take care of your sleep order. In this period
fatigue, grappling with pain while on the one hand to care for the baby
you may not have enough time to sleep and rest. So during this period
it will be useful to minimize the number of guests. Well at night
to breastfeed your sleep will be divided frequently. So in abundance during the day
rest and at least 2 hours to sleep.

resting on your back as it improves blood circulation is more beneficial
We can say. Our last important advice; living the happiness of being a new mother
avoid heavy work, hard work and
Enjoy your first days in peace with your guests.

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