Bone and joint pain after pregnancy

Bone and joint pain after pregnancy

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from Pregnancy
related to changes in the spine and body during the next postpartum period
you can avoid discomfort.

The bone loses strength and bone pain simultaneously with the harmony of the skeleton.
leads. The ligament structures relax and force their boundaries as the joints move.
Excessive pressure on the pain area may cause tears and
can cause lumbar and hernia.

In the process the body's center of gravity changes. So posture in the spine
disorders occur. Weight gain during pregnancy, as well as short
time is effective in terms of reducing the load on the spine.

weight during pregnancy, you still have on your waist and back
pains. Especially after birth to remove the baby and breastfeed
For women who are in the condition these pains become unavoidable. Became a new mother
especially calcium and dietary supplements for women to reduce their pain.
protein needs to give weight.

from Pregnancy
If you are breastfeeding then your spine and joint pain is lessened in less time.
In order to avoid the burden on the spine, you need to do sports. After the birth
most effective to eliminate low back pain and crash situations
The method is to do pilates. Pilates in new women
improves posture disorders and also improves all joint movements.
also plays an important role in relieving pain.

If the mother is not breastfeeding, the drug is often used for the treatment of low back pain.
Breastfeeding is of great benefit in terms of accelerating regeneration. breastfeeding
It acts as a natural painkiller for mothers. Breastfeeding
it also protects women from the risk of future bone resorption.

with them; most of the bone and joint pain that occurs after birth
One of the main reasons for vitamin D deficiency. Experts in this field
In addition to nutrition, you should take medication and go to sunlight.

your Baby
after saying hello to life, there is a slowdown in movements in your intestines
and this causes the problem of constipation. Therefore; plenty of water
drinking, fiber-rich foods and exercise to prevent constipation
will be effective in ending your bone and joint pain.

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