Pregnancy allergy

Pregnancy allergy

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protects the system against bacteria, viruses and other cells entering the body.
and to destroy a small number of cancer cells that occur occasionally in everyone.
is a working system. Allergy is a condition of excessive response to the immune system.

Changes in the system, pregnant women in the reduction of allergic diseases
Although it helps, this is not always the case. Pre-existing
Allergic conditions may show a marked increase as decreased during pregnancy.
These allergic conditions may occur during the first pregnancy.

Allergy Formation
How to Prevent?

If you have a disease, you may be allergic to yourself during breastfeeding.
stay away from things.

your baby
the first six months of breastfeeding necessarily. After six months to solid foods

your Baby
Do not provide foods containing wheat, soy, or citrus without underage.

your baby
Clean the room from allergic factors such as mold, animal hair.

At home
do not smoke.

Types of Allergies in Pregnancy


expectant mothers, especially allergens and
It is suggested that he should stay away from smoking.


Allergic factors in treatment
and if necessary, with the advice of a doctor for your baby
non-dangerous nasal drops and other treatments may be applied.


As with all allergic diseases
stay away from what will trigger and
treatment is provided with the drugs used when necessary.


It is the most common skin disease in pregnancy and
and itchy skin rashes. Cortisone treatment
creams can be used, as well as warm carbonated baths.
may is.


Itching and adult
Allergic rhinitis in the same mother
asthma and food allergies are also common. The most common skin areas
neck, upper chest, mouth region, elbows and back of the knee and eye
the environment is. Does not adversely affect the course of pregnancy and does not harm the baby locally
is treated with effective drugs.


This is very rare in pregnancy.
The most common cause of the condition is drug allergy. Begin treatment as soon as possible
is extremely important. Among the drugs that cause anaphylaxis reaction
common penicillin antibiotics and intravenous iron
every drug can cause this reaction.

If you have an allergic body and are receiving treatment,
you should consult your doctor first. In this way your pregnancy
Your treatment plan can be prepared. If desensitization treatment
if it is to be performed, the pre-pregnancy period is most appropriate for this treatment.

Allergic to pollen seasons
The first months of pregnancy of the expectant mothers
planning for them will be more comfortable for them.

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