How should mothers be fed during pregnancy?

How should mothers be fed during pregnancy?

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This week we talked to Dietitian Selahattin Dönmez about the nutrition of mothers during pregnancy.

: Why is nutrition important during pregnancy?
Selahattin Donmez: Nutrition, which is one of the basic necessities of our lives, is also important for the healthy period of the mother during pregnancy and lactation period. This period is a very special process, during pregnancy and lactation, the mother's normal requirement of energy, protein requirement increases. With adequate and balanced nutrition during this period, the mother protects her own health, prepares the ground for a healthy birth for her baby, and ensures that the breast milk necessary for the baby's feeding is adequate and nutritious after the baby is born.

: What are the negative consequences of malnutrition?
Selahattin Donmez: Infant and maternal health of pregnant mothers who are fed inadequately and unbalanced are adversely affected. Regarding the baby; they carry the risk of stillbirths, miscarriages, incomplete brain development. Regarding the mother; anemia, tooth decay, bone disorders are the main problems.

: What are the issues that overweight mothers should pay attention to during the pregnancy?
Selahattin Donmez:It is important to monitor the weight gain during this period. The mother can determine the appropriate weight of the dye at the beginning of pregnancy with the Body Mass Index. Weight gain during the first 3 months of pregnancy is very small. Either no weight is gained or weight gain is up to 3 kg. The total weight of the mother during pregnancy is closely related to the weight of the mother at the beginning of pregnancy. In other words, if the mother has started to be weak during pregnancy, it is 12,5 kg - 18 kg during pregnancy, 11-16 kg if the mother is normal weight, 7-11,5 kg if she is fat, 6 kg if the mother is fat. During pregnancy, fat mothers need not worry about gaining 15 to 20 kilos.

: What are the appropriate quantities for daily needs during pregnancy?
Selahattin Donmez:

Daily needs of pregnant mothers
Food groupsNormallyin GelikLactation
Portion of meat, legumes, eggs2 servings+1 serving+1-2
Portion of milk and its derivatives2 servings+1 serving+1
Bread and farm3-6 slices of bread+ 1 slice of bread+ 1 slice of bread
Fresh vegetables and fruits3-4 servings+ 1-2 servings+2 servings
1 Portion Amount
Egg2 pieces
Fish, chicken, red meat1 egg size
Dried Legumes1 bowl
Milk1 cup
Yoghurt1 cup
CheeseTwo cprit boxes
Ekmet1 thin slice
Rice, pasta½ bowl
Patty1 small square
Baked Vegetables1 bowl
Fruit1 piece

: What are the points that should be paid special attention in nutrition during pregnancy?
Selahattin Donmez:

- Consume milk, yoghurt and cheese which are rich in calcium in the specified amount and regularly.
- Be sure to consume one of the eggs, dried legumes or meat vegetables every day.
- Consume dried legumes with vitamin C such as oranges, tomatoes, parsley, green peppers and spring onions.
- Eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins regularly.
- Always use iodized salt. Because iodine, which causes mental retardation in the development of the baby in the womb, does not take natural nutrients.
- When you are pregnant, you should check with the DIET and WOMEN-BIRTH EXPERTS. If your weight is normal, adjust your nutrition program to take 1-1.5 kg per month.
- Eat dry fruits with iron and calcium stores by controlling your weight in your diet.
- To preserve the nutritional value of the foods you eat, especially to prevent anemia, do not drink tea. Tea should be consumed clearly in the late afternoon, fruit teas should be preferred.
- Prepared vegetables, dried legumes, such as cooking dishes in a little water, do not pour the preparation water, vitamins will be preserved.
- Drink after boiling water, if possible.
- What are the points that mothers should stay away from during this period?
- Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
- Sausage and sausage containing additives. Remove foods from your diet.
- It is not recommended that a pregnant mother fast. Adequate and balanced nutrition is very important especially in the first 3 months of growth.

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