Is the flu dangerous in pregnancy?

Is the flu dangerous in pregnancy?

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Pregnancy period, expectant mothers
protect themselves from all external factors and possible diseases.
is a process in which it pays attention. Especially in times of swine flu epidemic
expectant mothers do not even want to mention the name of this microbe.

Flu causes widespread outbreaks every year
is a serious disease. Every year, 20 percent of the population gets flu
In view of this, the expectant mothers
especially during this period for the health of their babies should not leave the hand.

Droplet caused by infection and
influenza, which is derived from viruses passing through the respiratory tract, with sudden rising fever,
runny nose, dry cough and congestion. Fever 3 days
very rare, it can last up to 5 days. Then your whole body
wraps and causes your complaints.

The panic size of the flu;
It is pneumonia. Therefore, during pregnancy, the mother's immune system
complications that lead to changes in the circulatory and respiratory systems.
Note that the terms are at greater risk.

Influence of influenza on pregnant women
When the mothers who completed the 6th month of pregnancy
rate of hospitalization due to child problems, non-pregnant but serious patients
eş Unfortunately, this risk is a little
more and more. Pregnant with asthma problems
The rates of hospitalization for women during the flu season are slightly higher.

Flu vaccine does not contain live virus
suitable for use during pregnancy. But how to use the drug
If you are in contact with your doctor
You should consult. Because in your case you will know what works best
Your doctor will know. For the first three months there is a risk of miscarriage and
Since your baby has completed its development, the vaccine will be given after this period.

If no way to use medicine
The best thing you can do if you don't want to is to rest abundantly. that
If you do not want to use medication
with the help of your nose. The honey milk you prepare is for your cough.
will come well.

If you are in a high-risk group, if your fever rises above 38.5
If you have difficulty breathing with pain, rash and redness
If you are having problems, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.


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