Pregnancy protection after birth

Pregnancy protection after birth

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Participation of a new individual in the family in the period after pregnancy and birth,
couples are a source of great happiness. Of course, this happiness comes with
it places great responsibilities on families. Besides all these, mothers
need to recover physically during the postpartum period. During this period, the mother
recovery and protection of couples to avoid a repeat pregnancy is great
is important.

It does not matter whether the mother has delivered a normal birth or a caesarean section;
physically the body to regain its self
Pregnancy is not recommended.

Approximately 3 months in breastfeeding mothers, approximately
After 3 weeks, mothers have a high chance of pregnancy if not protected. Ovulation
usually begins 3 months after birth and approximately 6 months after normal

The best protection method after birth is condom use, 3 months
depot progestin needles and spriral.

What are the postpartum prevention methods?

-Spiral: Immediately after birth or more conveniently
can be worn at the end of the 40th day after birth. When to insert a spiral
the mother does not need to be menstruated, but vaginal infection or
symptoms of infection, cervical wound, menstrual irregularities
is an important point. In the same way, the mother
should not be allergic.

-Condom: Condoms ideal for couples
It is to use. Men use condoms, mother's spiral implantation
protection at the same rate.

-3 months warehouse progestin:
For couples without spiral and condoms
recommended method. If prescribed by the doctor and prescribed by the doctor
light. There is no negative effect on breastfeeding. This needle
provides 90-day protection for couples and continues to be protected after 90 days.
must be done again.

Since it may reduce milk during this period, birth control pill to mothers
It is not recommended.

Cut after birth
As mothers who do not think of a child more than 30 years and older 'tubes
The method of 'linking' is implemented. Other birth control methods are; vaginal
suppository, cream, withdrawal method, but these methods
protection rate is low.

Couples, pregnancy, whichever method of pregnancy
It should be remembered that the possibility. Tests for menstrual delays experienced
or a specialist.

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