8th month of pregnancy

8th month of pregnancy

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Birth is getting closer. Little to hold your baby
I stayed. Your emotional intensity may increase. The first milk can come from your breasts.
Increased blood pressure, mother
and because it is a risky condition for the baby, you should be careful.

14/9 of blood pressure values, especially small
contact your doctor if blood pressure exceeds 9
It must be passed. in leg
swelling increases. Constipation complaints
increases. Stylish
frequent urination in the stomach
and gas pains. As the uterus grows too much, it can be found in the respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems.
increases and as a result, back pain intensifies.

Due to the growth of your uterus, you may experience painless short-term contractions. to worry
not necessary
but often
frequent recurrent and painful contractions, bloody
vaginal discharge, abdomen
If you have a feeling of pressure and pain in the cavity, these may
You should contact with.
If your doctor does not see an obstacle, you can continue your sexual life. Pregnancy
sexuality during the period
live last
degree of a healthy
It is the case.

Your baby is 48 cm. length and
average 2000 to 2500 g.
weight. Your baby will take up a lot of space in the uterus due to his
speed or less. No need to worry! After this period the expectant mother closely moves the baby
should follow. your baby
If you feel more movement decrease than normal, it does not move.
In case of drinking 1 glass of milk
If no movement is felt within 1 hour
an interview.
Some tests are needed to understand your baby's condition correctly

your wrinkles
and your skin begins to turn into a smooth form. The increase in fat and muscle tissues accelerated. Excess hair begins to fall out, shoulders and back
small number.
It makes the urine into the amniotic fluid it contains. your baby
due to bone development
calcium requirement
has. You should try to consume milk and dairy products frequently.

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