Diet after pregnancy

Diet after pregnancy

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Pregnant mothers for 9 months, both because of the baby and good
gain weight due to nutrition. Weight gain during pregnancy
portion of the child at birth, while the normal birth for other overweight
over time. However, mothers who delivered by caesarean section
She wants to get rid of her weight as soon as possible.

Unconscious diets after the birth of new birth
can cause muscle loss and various discomfort in the mother
interruptions. Looking to regain the old look after birth
the right step for mothers to do
program is to achieve ideal weight.

What is in the post-pregnancy diet
It should be eaten?

Care of mothers who will make diet after pregnancy
first of all, it will not reduce breast milk and weight
is the consumption of nutrients. A bond between mother and baby after birth
breastfeeding period is also very important. No decrease in breast milk
quality of the mother needs to be fed. Cereal, milk, vegetables, fruits, meat strictly
It should be eaten. For lunch and dinner, the expectant mother should definitely consume meat.
Vegetables can be consumed as salads or meals. Breakfast in the morning
milk and dairy products should be included.

Diet should be started 4 months after giving birth. This
psychology and physiological and hormonal
as the balance re-order. Diet for a new mother,
it may become difficult at times because it has to constantly take care of the baby. This
if the mother has difficulty in following the specified nutrition program,
plenty of liquid and milk consumption, cereals, vegetables and fruits, such as consumption of food
should take care.

The amount of calories a new mother should take,
Since it is still in the breastfeeding period, it varies on a weight basis. General
2000 calories per day. The reason is that she lost during breastfeeding.
It should also cover 300-400 calories.

-Pekmez is a blood-forming food. In post-pregnancy diet
If you feel sweet, it is recommended to eat molasses instead of sugary foods.

- Prepared fruit juices, neither during pregnancy nor birth
then should not be preferred. Your own juice at home
will be healthier without additives.

- Tea, iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia
tea during pregnancy and postpartum.
If you feel like tea, it is better to drink with light and lemon.

-Balance energy loss, such as iron and calcium
to complete the necessity of minerals; dried fruits and nuts
It can be consumed.

- Iodine which is not enough in natural foods, iodine in food

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