Folic acid during pregnancy

Folic acid during pregnancy

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The body's nutritional values ​​during pregnancy
The requirement increases greatly. Naturally, the baby grows and develops
the need for nutritional values ​​during pregnancy is directly proportional. Here's
important nutritional value; Folic acid. Maternal candidates folic
should start using acid before becoming pregnant. Folic acid baby's cell
and plays a very important role in the development of the nervous system. Taking folic acid every day
The reason it is so important is that it is not stored in the body.

let us explain what folic acid is. Folic acid is a group B vitamin. Water
soluble. It's named in two ways. One of them is natural foods
found shape; folate. The other is the form of drugs; folic acid. Folic acid,
cell building blocks, blood cells, and especially the nervous system.
Vitamin B which has an important role in the formation and development of tissues
Derivative. Especially our genetic code
building blocks of DNA.

daily use of acid before and during pregnancy may occur.
chromosomal anomalies. Protein in the baby's body
synthesis, cell proliferation and folic acid in bone marrow formation and development
plays an active role.

important reason to recommend folic acid use before
lies. Folic in many women before pregnancy for various reasons
acid deficiency. The need for pregnancy together
increases and may cause folic acid failure problem. Before you pregnancy
folic acid use can be avoided
It is seen. At the same time folic acid is not stored in the body
needs to be done.

Of course
The question that everyone has in mind is that if we neglect the use of folic acid and
If folic acid deficiency occurs in the baby, what are the consequences? Firstly
Abnormalities in the central nervous system occur in the first month of pregnancy.
During this period, the expectant mother may not be aware that she is pregnant. But folic
If there is no acid support, 1/2000 anomaly occurs. Folic acid intake may reduce this rate by up to 75%. Folic 3 months before pregnancy
acid must be used.

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