Difficulties of pregnancy

Difficulties of pregnancy

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Pregnancy, which lasts for about nine months, presents many difficulties. This
Emotional complexity and sensitivity of mothers
they may overreact. But these emotion changes
must be met normally. Because he's never had to carry a living thing on his stomach for nine months.
it is not an easy thing. On top of that during pregnancy
endured pains, cracks on the skin and the weight taken
When we think the situation becomes more understandable. Therefore, pregnancy
support should be provided throughout the mothers. Insulin resistance due to pregnancy
may cause irregularities in blood sugar levels…
With the help of sugar loading tests and diet between 26 weeks
can be controlled.

Another difficult period of pregnancy

Taking during pregnancy (singleton pregnancies)
joint pain as a result of exceeding the recommended ideal 10-12 kg),
deformities in the body, changes in blood pressure due to excessive salt intake
It can be observed. On the other hand, with excessive weight gain, abdominal stretch marks and
Skin changes can also be annoying and uncomfortable for the expectant mother.

The increase in the number of family members, mother and
This means that the responsibilities of the father candidates will increase. This is the mother and
it causes stress and anxiety levels of father candidates.
Life is much more difficult for them than before. Because it's good for your kids.
they will work harder and make sacrifices to prepare a future.
But these difficulties are a period in which pregnancy should end as soon as possible.
it should not be detected. Because pregnancy, in the face of all these difficulties, a new world
in the excitement and happiness of being an individual,
is a "temporary" period that will not come. So the mother and father candidates, this
the birth of their children, to crawl
start, talk, walk, run, start school and
imagining that it has grown; the time spent to reach their dreams
they should always be in a corner of their minds for a while.
Imagine the beautiful days they will spend as a family with their children, and
the challenges they experience as a way to those beautiful days
must see.

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