Varicose veins during pregnancy

Varicose veins during pregnancy

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It is known as a vein disorder that we all know. Close to skin
balls in the face occurs due to developments in the vessels. Genetics
varicose veins may be disturbing in terms of image,
on the other hand can cause serious pain in some patients.
may be hereditary. Varicose veins are generally purple in color.
creates the image.

During Pregnancy
however, varicose veins are a serious problem and occur mostly in the legs.
However, the less common sites are the vulva
It is both viable choices. Hemorrhoids, which we know as hemorrhoids, are also varicose veins during pregnancy.
the risk of occurrence is higher. Pregnancy status for the formation of varicose veins
provides convenient environment.

If you look at the causes of increased blood volume in pregnancy,
pressure on the arteries caused by relaxation of the muscles and enlargement of the uterus
I can say. Varices are more common in women than in men.
together, approximately 15% of pregnant women have varicose veins.

For normal birth of varices
does not constitute an obstacle. In addition, a very large vulva formed
If there are varices, care should be taken not to bleed during delivery. Most
importantly, be careful not to cut these varices during birth suture.
must be.

What can we do to prevent the occurrence of varicose veins? Firstly standing very
we should take care not to stay. We need to exercise regularly. Regular
When we combine the exercises with a balanced diet
We're going to be fit, and we won't be overweight. Because the formation of varicose veins
To avoid excess weight should be careful not to. However, it is possible
should wear as comfortable as possible, tight pants and shoes
we should avoid wearing.

like sitting on your chair
will stay away from movements. Cross-legged while sitting
You should not dispose of it on your body or block blood flow. Lie down when you have time
and put a pillow under your feet. Take care not to wear high bulk shoes
show. Finally, be careful not to sit down for a long time.
Get up and move. When you follow these recommendations during pregnancy
you will minimize the occurrence of varicose veins.

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