What is Mother's Day? Mother's Day Story

What is Mother's Day? Mother's Day Story

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Mother's day is one of the days every young and old mother is looking forward to. It is the happiness of mothers to be remembered with a kiss, even with a flower eki So do you know why this special day is celebrated and who makes it? Here's the answer:

Although not the usual ında mother's day Bugün, the celebrations for mothers are based on Sumerians. Since the early ages of the matriarchal order, motherhood has come to the forefront as fertility and has become synonymous with the spring season when nature awakens and is reborn. As the patriarchal order began to settle, the content and shape of the celebrations changed from time to time. However, as it was not interrupted despite everything, enthusiastic celebrations were organized every spring and this tradition lasted for thousands of years.

In more recent times, the concept of British Mother's Day comes across. In the 1600s, he was celebrating his mother's day with the name “mothering sunday arasında among the British. The British were on leave on this special day and spent all their days at home with their mother.
The first official celebration on Mother's Day is a gift from the Americans to the world. Designed by Julia Ward Howe in 1872 as a day dedicated to peace in America. Then the idea of ​​Mother's Day was first brought up by the American Ann Jarvis. In 1908, Ann Jarvis called for teşekkür General Memorial Day of All Mothers teşekkür, both for thanking his mother and asking for such a day. A year later, in the second Sunday of May, Mother's Day was celebrated by 45 United States countries. In 1914, President Wilson declared this day as the official celebration. This idea was spread to the world by the Florists' Union and the Peace Army. Since then, on Mother's Day, all family members have been giving endless thanks to their mothers for their one-year hard work, offering gifts and taking care of all the mother's work on that day. However, not to forget that showing love to the mother should not be limited to just one day…

Happy Mother's Day all mothers…

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