Infection after pregnancy

Infection after pregnancy

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After 24 hours after giving birth,
must be measured and at least twice higher than 38 streams,
called postpartum fever. Breast fullness, milk fever, breast inflammation, intrauterine
infection, urinary tract infection. After pregnancy
advice and recommendations from your doctor to avoid infection
You must comply.

Normal birth or
infections seen within 48 hours after cesarean section
seen infections. These;

Inflammation of the intrauterine layer,

- Urine symptoms such as burning and pain, urinary tract
called infection.

- Occurs at the site of birth incision suture after normal birth
infection that causes pain and is called abscess. Cesarean section
rarely in the surgical incision area and in the lower layer of the skin.
abdominal abscess may occur. Another important symptom of the abscess
It is fire.

Infection in the stitch areas, soft tissue
called infection.

- Intravenous infection to the venous tract
called catheter infection.

infections after normal birth or cesarean section 3-6 days
infections. These;

Episiotomy infection,


- Toxic shock syndrome,

-ABS to,


- Breast infection,

Is -Pnomoni.

Symptoms depend on the type and site of infection
changes. Pain, high fever, chills, chills, abdominal pain,
malodorous discharge from the vagina, chest pain, burning while urinating, stitching
Redness or discharge in the area, shortness of breath, cough, breast
Redness and tenderness to be signs of infection after pregnancy
between. As a result of such conditions,
you should go and listen to your doctor's advice.

Cesarean section delivery, diabetes, not to eat well
and obesity, the risk of infection after birth

The treatment of such infections is usually antibiotics
can be prevented with. However, in case of a pathology such as abscess and hematoma, surgery
an attempt may also be required. Fluid supplementation with antipyretic drugs and serum

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