Morning sickness during pregnancy

Morning sickness during pregnancy

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Nausea in pregnancy
in general it is also called “Morning Disease.. Seen in the first weeks of pregnancy
and vomiting, the cause of which is unclear and consequently
is the case. Morning sickness during pregnancy, miserable mothers
and everyone suggests a new method. This information from left to right aside immediately leave.

Morning sickness, 4-8 of pregnancy.
It is a condition seen in the weeks. From the 16th week of pregnancy
usually improves. But some expectant mothers during pregnancy
It may take. Morning sickness, which is more common in first pregnancies,
It is more rare in third pregnancies. Nausea, dizziness, vomiting,
morning sickness to the specified condition, such as disgust from some foods
It is given. Because this type of symptoms are usually more

Early pregnancy, morning
health of pregnant women who have nausea and vomiting as a result of
process and have a lower risk of giving birth
It is known. In addition, hormone levels of pregnant women with morning sickness
It was found to be quite good. However, the science of medicine has not yet proved its proof.

Multiple pregnancy - twins, triplets - can not digest the situation
how much food, how to cook outside the home, to eat very fatty foods
to consume foods that she does not know, not to eat enough, to eat based on one food,
changes in hormone balance, other undesirable morning sickness
Why they are. Severity of nausea and vomiting increases for emotional reasons or
It decreases.

How Morning Nausea Affects Baby

No weight loss, expectant mothers
not losing fluid, less severe nausea and vomiting complaints harm the baby
It does not. However, the fluid seen in the mother due to very severe nausea and vomiting
and electrolyte loss is not taken into account and treated too low
mainly can come to the world. There is also a high risk of miscarriage.

What should be done to prevent nausea?

- As soon as mothers wake up
to avoid a slice of bread or breadcrumb on the edge of the bed.
should have snacks.

- Food should be eaten slowly and spicy
food should be avoided

- Heavy perfumes should be avoided.

- Caffeine consumption should be reduced.

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