Hair Removal During Pregnancy

Hair Removal During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy for women is as difficult and enjoyable as
tense The reason is the eagerly awaited and
You are carrying a tiny baby in your belly. Pregnant
from the moment you find out that you are
changes and you cannot prevent them.

Physiological during pregnancy will make you both difficult
and there are hormones that relax. These hormones while you're pregnant
plays a major role in making changes in your body throughout. Hormones
one of the situations that annoy
The problem is.

Said pubescence The problem is usually in the abdomen,
more often on the nipples, bikini area, face area, legs and arms
It is seen. In general, even in places where there was no hair growth,
can. Pregnant mothers, the pregnancy given by the psychology of this situation
would rather complain. However, this should not be a concern.
The first thing to do is to consult your doctor. your doctor
is a problem to be overcome thanks to the recommendations.

Is there treatment?

In this case, since the mothers are going through a sensitive period,
starts looking for hair removal methods. One of the first methods that come to mind
laser hair removal applications. However, laser hair removal during pregnancy
method, and does not cause any harm to the baby.
is not a preferred method.

Pregnant mothers who are uncomfortable with hairiness during pregnancy
preferred method razor, epilator or waxing method.
In the aforementioned ways, there are no
it does not pose a problem. However, depilatory creams prefer this issue
It should not be. The reason is that the chemicals contained in these creams
there is a possibility that it will harm your baby.

Hairiness in the abdomen during pregnancy, from the belly
It is about to start and is seen as a thin line downwards. This
hair growth and ups and downs in the hormonal balance of pregnancy

While some mothers expect hair growth, some mothers
candidates may also see a decrease in hair growth. What bothers you
pubescence occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy and the first six months after birth.
per month.

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