Clothing after pregnancy

Clothing after pregnancy

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Pregnant mothers during pregnancy both physical and
it undergoes many psychological changes. After birth this
changes are restored, but mothers' patience at this time

Among the changes during pregnancy, mothers
The issue they complain about is to gain weight. Mothers slowly for 9 months
they want to lose weight immediately, but this situation both in terms of health
as well as the baby. Mothers lose weight;
nutrients and behaviors that adversely affect the quality and quantity of milk
should avoid.

After pregnancy, mothers' clothing
confusing. While the mother wants to look in shape and her body
it is not conducive and turns to self-squeezing clothes. However, this situation
is not good in terms of health. Mothers are more comfortable in social life themselves
we have compiled a few tips for you to make them feel.

After birth
considerations about clothing;

1-Attention to the comfort of your clothes, not the beauty
You should.

2-Belly abundant, pleated or cut under the chest abundant
You can choose clothes.

3- Generally, draped dresses should be preferred.

4-If you continue to breastfeed your baby, the front button
or from the bottom, up to the cuttings should be preferred.

5-Fabrics for clothing for maternal and infant health
100% cotton.

6-Shirt is not fit mold, down the chest plentiful

7-When choosing a skirt, the lower belly will close and fresh-skirt models

8- Great bag preference for both baby's belongings easy
help you move and close your problem areas
It helps.

9-High pants should be preferred in this period.
High waisted trousers and skirts make the body look tighter and corset
does the task.

Social life of mothers after the postpartum period
With little tips on clothing to be more confident and enjoyable
they can be happy. Ask for the mother's health
will also allow the body to show redundancy.
and upset the mother.

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