Moles after pregnancy

Moles after pregnancy

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Hormonal during pregnancy
changes; Some of the skin, hair, nails, veins, sebaceous glands and sweat glands
cause changes. Some of the skin problems seen before pregnancy
however, it becomes more pronounced during pregnancy.

Complaints are not the same in all mothers.
Some of these disorders occur spontaneously after pregnancy.
It may occur. However, it can be treated with a treatment appropriate to the condition.

Redness, puffiness in the chest and abdomen
traces in the form of pregnancy cracks are called. It consists of stretching the skin.
Prevent creams of vegetable origin during pregnancy, vegetable oils
can be used for less visible traces. In advanced cases, white
appearance and becomes more difficult to treat.

Why does it occur?

Progesterone and estrogen secreted during pregnancy
melanin which gives color to the skin
discomfort called pregnancy mask may occur. Visible in all areas of the face
and most appear on the forehead and cheeks. High-factor sun during pregnancy
Prevent pregnancy mask by attaching protective creams and hats
It may reduce.

Meat in the neck, armpits and chest area during pregnancy
moles may emerge. It can also occur with skin slimming and weight gain.
Moles may go away after pregnancy, but there may be permanent ones. Them
treatment is also possible. Pre-existing moles without being pregnant
darkening can also be seen. Suddenly growing color and shape change
moles should also be shown to the dermatologist without delay.

Skin tension and dryness during pregnancy
Because of this, the expectant mother may experience itching. Preventing skin irritation,
itching with moisturizing and anti-itch lotions
can be suppressed.

Strengthening and thickening of hair during pregnancy
It is seen. Depending on changes in hormone balance after giving birth
hair loss is seen in booming hair. Hair loss after childbirth
it starts in the third month and is a temporary condition. However, after the postpartum period
If it continues, it may need to be shown to someone who is

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