Insomnia after pregnancy

Insomnia after pregnancy

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Intensive and progressive in the first months after pregnancy
new mothers prepared for the insomnia problem that will decrease
must. The ability of a chronically insomnia mother to sleep her baby
may gradually decrease. After a while, whether the mother's baby or the mother's baby
sleep will mix. Mother with insomnia problem after pregnancy
the first 3 months after birth, he should sleep at every opportunity he finds.
The state of insomnia may again disturb the mother's already variable psychology and
this unrest is also reflected in the baby. For this reason, the mother, father and family
ask for help.

Sleeplessness is not only for women who are new mothers
in fact, it affects everyone in a negative way. Don't look at your baby
With the desire and motivation, mothers who rely on sleeplessness
it becomes physically and psychologically weak. For this reason, firstly
you should take care of your own health and care that the baby is right for you
Proportionally get healthier and easier to maintain.

Postpartum insomnia, again common birth
post-depression is a condition that triggers. Generally subthreshold delivery
relationship with the baby's sleep problems after depression
Evidenced by studies, the mother never underestimated the problem of insomnia
should not take.

What factors arise?

When the mother becomes sleepless, she falls weak after a while and
this situation is reflected in the baby's sleep pattern. Sleep problems in children and
This is the most important factor affecting the failure of sleep education. Mother
and many fantasies about her, before her father-to-be babies were born,
dreams, concerns and ideals. Only after the baby is born
they see and live that what they think cannot do many of them. This is both
it causes both mother and father to be disappointed.

All these disappointments, all about motherhood
discordance, insomnia and fatigue, spouses and relatives
together when unable to help, the mother finds it in general trouble
itself. In this case, the mother feels that she is a failed and bad mother.

Sleepless and hungry crying baby has taken his sleep, satiated and
mother living in tides between baby, screaming smiles looking around, aggressive
He starts to feel remorse because of his thoughts. Remorse, behavior
formats. Don't spend all your time with the baby
sleep, no or wait to say, limiting behavior to put limits
factors also play a negative role in the development of the baby.

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