Diabetes before pregnancy

Diabetes before pregnancy

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Diabetes, blood sugar level under control
it is not a condition that prevents the person's life during his / her detention. This
diabetics who want to be a mother for this reason should worry
They do not. However, people with diabetes before pregnancy, pregnancy planned
and the sugar level should be controlled beforehand.

Pregnant women with diabetes, the doctor during this process
controls and sugar follow-up regularly
should be prepared and prevent possible problems. Each
first choice in pregnant women with diabetes, as in pregnancy
should be.

Effects on the body of a mother with diabetes
important criteria should be considered. For example; due to diabetes
If there is damage to organs such as the eye, kidney and heart,
treatment is required.

What are the risks?

Pre-pregnancy sugar level, at what time during the day
no matter less than 80, not more than 120. If the measured levels
pregnancy is risky. The reason is
baby, starting at the 5th and 6th week of pregnancy
development may be negative because of the sugar level in the mother.

Mother with Type 2 diabetes in pregnancy
oral medications taken by the candidate
may cause adverse effects. Therefore, the mother with Type 2 diabetes
candidates from pill treatment to insulin treatment before becoming pregnant.
It must pass.

Insulin use continues during pregnancy. Birth
After doing, the mother may return to pill treatment again. During the postpartum period
The pill used by mothers who breastfeed their baby does not have the effect of switching to milk.

Candidates with diabetes during pregnancy
The use of insulin does not harm the baby. On the contrary, the expectant mother's sugar level
Insulin should be used to control. Diabetes in pregnant women
The use of insulin in the treatment; 3 times a day short, effective, once medium or
should be done in a long effective way.

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