Vaginal discharge before pregnancy

Vaginal discharge before pregnancy

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The problem of vaginal discharge in women before and during pregnancy
often a problem. These currents are usually due to pregnancy.
it occurs. Often it is not a very important problem. But some
cases may be important. Some currents during pregnancy,
Causes vaginal infections. The occurrence of these infections
the reasons are bacteria and fungi. Currents may occur in the normal period
As such, it is more common in reproductive time. In any case, you can go to the gynecol
examination is useful.

During pregnancy, these currents are detected by a specialist doctor,
needs to be intervened. The smell of the stream depending on the color of the doctor
can find the type of current.

Both during normal times and during pregnancy
currents are physiological currents. They are transparent or colored in white.
they come across. If this current
color and does not cause a complaint, your doctor
discharge. Although this discharge does not emit much odor
Leaves. If you see darkening in color, you should consult your doctor.

The most common vaginal discharge is fungal infection. Color
The white discharge creates a continuous itchy feeling and disturbs the person.
The cause of fungal infection during pregnancy is the
due to weakening of the ph balance. Fungal infection, doctor
may suggest cream or suppository. Significance when fungal infection occurs during pregnancy
supply. So we have to deal with this problem before birth. So mother
candidate will have a healthier birth.

Sexually transmitted bacteria will not be missed. These bacteria must surely
cause current. Use a condom during sexual intercourse
So it is also very important. As long as you are protected, you are also protected from bacteria.

From the currents during pregnancy
Protect Yourself

If you do not consume too much sugar, you can avoid currents. Because
sugary foods trigger fungal infection.

Use a condom during sexual intercourse. Essential condoms instead
it is better to choose the more simple ones.

Do not wash the inside of the vagina with water during pregnancy.

Do not use deodorant even if they are made for vagina.

Choose cotton underwear for your choice of lingerie
Change your laundry times. Daily pad use also makes your work
It can facilitate.

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