Melting belly after pregnancy

Melting belly after pregnancy

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it is the last region in women's body. After giving birth
will take some time to return to the original state.

So during the pregnancy process to do moderate abdominal exercises
You can start. As severe and severe as in normal life
you will not have a problem unless you do. Objectives of abdominal exercises
one is to increase your muscle strength.

you cannot circumvent the melting process with sports or diet alone. your doctor
a diet program determined by the exercise will do this process
will help you get through in less time. If you don't have much to do with sports,
You can choose a sport from the fun. For example, if you like to dance
You can definitely try zumbaya.

The first 6 months to melt the belly after birth,
breastfeeding is a period of intense diet to lose weight
To start. During this period, only fatty foods, bakery and sugary foods
you can stay away. Don't eat pounds of dessert so you have milk. Sugary
nutrients will not contribute to your milk.

Herbal To Melt Belly

Excess fat accumulated in the belly
If you are looking for herbal ways of getting rid of belly melt cure you maybe
might help.

Materials used

4 fresh cabbage leaves

1 bunch of fresh parsley

1 juicy lemon
Half a liter of water

Boil half a liter of chlorine-free water. Boiling water
Add the cabbage leaves. Boil the cabbage leaves for a minimum of three minutes, then add the parsley
Pour on average three more minutes to boil. Lower the mixture from the stove to cool
leave. After cooling, strain the mixture. Add 1 lemon juice. This
You can drink 2 or 3 times a day from the cabbage juice on your stomach. This
You can prepare and drink the mixture every day. More
Do not store in the refrigerator by preparing excess. Strictly into the mixture
should not add sweetener. Use this cure for only 3 weeks.

Sports Tips For Belly

Pilates: Pilates, abdominal and back strength, balance
Wins. Thus, body stretching and strengthening movements quickly
It develops. Within a few weeks you will begin to see the effect.

Swimming: In this powerful and effective sport that runs all the muscles in the body
There are quite important and useful factors.


until the morning and evening sit-ups and your abdominal muscles
The run provides you a good abdominal muscle. Abdominal muscles
with strengthening, your fats in the region will melt.

Walk:The simplest and most effective sport; It is walking. Especially hungry
You can lose weight very well with your belly walks. so
you can get rid of your bellies quickly.

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