Prenatal exercise movements

Prenatal exercise movements

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How fit and during pregnancy
adapt to your changing body shape and weight
it will be so easy. Prenatal
movements at the same time allows you to give birth to your old body after birth a quick
also allows you to get together.

Our advice to make yourself comfortable
to continue your daily physical activity as long as you feel. Some
contrary to claims prenatal exercise
not harmful to the baby or even beneficial; also allows easy birth.

I need to exercise, prenatal
If you ask me what I need to pay attention to,
We have prepared several suggestions: First look at yourself. your Pregnancy
keep in mind that you should slow down as you progress. More Than Yourself
try talking while exercising to see if you're tired. Breath
when you are out of breath, you cannot finish your sentences
you're tired. In this case, finish your exercise.

You did not engage in sports during the period before you became pregnant your prenatal exercises suddenly
Do not start with strenuous movements.

Prenatal exerciseI
The main points you should pay attention to while doing:

Always warm up before starting exercise
do the exercises and then do relaxation exercises after exercise.

With daily periods prenatal exerciseRepeat. 30 minutes per day
walks can be ideal; but if this time is long for you,

Strenuous exercise, especially in hot weather

If you are going to the gym
make sure you are aware of your pregnancy and
Try to work with the instructor.

Moving your heavier body more easily
Try swimming, which is a sport you can have.

Falling exercises
apply carefully and with the instructor… (horse riding, skiing, ice skating.)

Exercises to avoid during pregnancy

Especially after 16 weeks
Require position prenatal
i don't try to do it.

It can cause you to get hit like kickbox
Avoid sports.

Do not participate in scuba diving activities.
Note that you are not yet prepared for conditions involving low pressure and the like.

2500 meters above sea level
Do not exercise.

During pregnancy birth
pre workout
to give you both a comfortable birth opportunity and
contributes to the healthy world of your baby. The important thing is that
Do not disrupt your exercise period, you and your baby's health
and when you feel tired and ill.
terminate the exercise and consult your doctor.


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