Non-menstrual postpartum

Non-menstrual postpartum

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then the onset of menstrual bleeding is mostly related to breastfeeding.
Later in women who give birth and breastfeeding;
menstruation starts within the period.

menstruation is mixed with bleeding that occurs after birth. "Lochia to"
called bleeding, is more than menstrual bleeding and an average of six
week continues.

the puerperium
In the early stages, this current is seen in red color
pink, brown, yellow and white in the final. After the end of Losia
then if you continue to breastfeed, the start date of menstruation
deferrable. This is because the mother secretes it because of breastfeeding.

bleeding usually begins between 8 and 16 weeks after birth.
If the baby is exclusively breastfed, it is usually the first six months.
menstruation should not be expected to begin or be regular. Such
You don't need to panic in situations. Because bleeding is normal in every way.
Will return. This process may take up to 18 months.

menstrual irregularities in the process may be related to most things. Breastfeeding frequency,
breastfeeding time and additional nutrients given to the baby gibi

If bleeding does not start within 21-35 days after the period

every maternal mother, after the postpartum period after pregnancy, normal gynecological
examination, smear test and protection methods

gynecological examinations at least once a year
It must be repeated. If you do not breastfeed during this period, your menstrual irregularity
If you continue to have severe bleeding, even if your doctor
You should apply.

Pay attention to these

in confinement
Never use tampons during bleeding. This process is hygienic

your baby
even if you are only breastfeeding and have no menstruation,
Prevent pregnancy. Just because you're not menstruating doesn't mean you won't get pregnant.

mothers who give breast milk later, those who supplement the food earlier
menstrual period.

As you continue, your start date may be delayed.

your Piece
it will be ordered in 5 months on average.

The first menstruation of women may begin after about a month after birth.

excessive bleeding, however, conditions such as high fever, pain, swelling
If you do, you need to consult your doctor.

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