Progestron before pregnancy

Progestron before pregnancy

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What is Progestron?

secreted by the control of the hormone LH, ovaries secreted human and
is a type of hormone that plays an important role in the menstrual cycle and pregnancy in other living things.

hormone, every month on a regular basis, the uterus prepares for pregnancy. Second of the month
The amount of this hormone increases from a few days.
It also decreases when menstruation starts.

The contraceptives used are synthetic forms of this hormone. This
The hormone is also the sex hormone secreted by the ovaries.

hormone, most of the factors in women's sexual organs shows. the Östorej
functions and cause some changes with it.
For example, the uterine muscle tissue to minimize the stimulation of the uterus
makes it difficult to contract. As a result, it helps to increase the outbreak. Progeny
secretions of the glands found in the mouth of the bed, and thus their properties
change. This change allows the fertilized egg to settle in a more comfortable environment.
It provides. In this way, the pregnancy starts and the pregnancy continues

from pregnancy
Progestron test performed before the blood to determine the values ​​of this hormone
test. The result of this test is 10ng / mg or
above it, the presence of ovulation is detected. However,
causes of infertility and the diagnosis of luteal phase defect problems.
this test is preferred.

hormone test determines whether or not ovulation. With Test
blood hormone values ​​are measured and monitored. During pregnancy, progesterone
hormone values ​​are expected to rise between 3.34-25.56.

In pregnancy,
The level of progesterone hormone in the blood passes to a rapid rise. More
This increase is seen from the tenth week of pregnancy. This increase
may continue until the 38th week of pregnancy.

Since ovulation does not occur during menopause, progesterone levels
low interest. This is normal. In addition, before puberty
In this period, the values ​​of this hormone are low.

Not Used?

pregnant women
or nursing women

cancer diagnosed




If there is a vaginal bleeding related to the period, this hormone should not be used.

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