Drug use before pregnancy

Drug use before pregnancy

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a healthy pregnancy and childbirth
to give up some of your habits before pregnancy.

our Country
although the rate of drug use is not clearly known,
It is thought to be common.

Mother; AIDS, lung infections, hepatitis and psychiatric diseases
may is.

drugs used; congenital disabilities, infant developmental retardation, infant
various health problems and sudden death syndromes in later life


nasal or sniffing drugs. One time
When used, the person is highly likely to be dependent. During Pregnancy
and cocaine used before will reach the baby, the baby's blood pressure and
increases heart rate. This can lead to miscarriage. Other than that early
birth, sudden infant death syndrome.


can cause infertility in mothers and fathers. Especially
It has a preventive effect on ovulation in mothers. That's why
cannabis use is very unlikely to become pregnant.

used during cannabis, affects the development of the baby. Development in the baby
retardation and sudden death syndrome. Effects on baby
depends on the amount of dose used. Often mothers who use marijuana
infants have learning disabilities after birth. But cannabis
As most people use cigarettes and alcohol,
it is difficult to determine exactly.

side effects of cannabis use on baby
It could not be determined. What is clear is that cannabis use does not affect the quality of breast milk.
is reduced and passed to the baby with milk.


Heroin and
Since other substances in the narcotic class suppress ovulation,
it also makes it difficult for women to lay eggs. Heroin used in pregnancy, early
birth, developmental delay in infants and sudden infant death.
Because of the use of heroin, the mother is at risk of developing AIDS and
baby is very likely to pass.

As a result of heroin used, symptoms of addiction in children
It can vary.


Amphetamine used before and during pregnancy, cocaine-like effects occur
Pulls. The risk of miscarriage, preterm birth and miscarriage increases during pregnancy. the odds
one is that the baby is born amphetamine dependent.

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