9th month of pregnancy

9th month of pregnancy

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This month is now the last stage of your pregnancy. Most pregnant women are given birth before 40 weeks of age. your Baby
now fully development
can be delivered at any moment. During this period,
distinguish between real labor pains. Real birth pains regularly and frequently
periodically, the intensity increases gradually. Pain is heard three times in 10 minutes and each contraction continues for 50 seconds. False labor pains
lacks and pains
is long. Intensity
is always the same. Real birth
The pains do not pass with the rest. The onset of regular and progressively increasing contractions in the jelly structure
and as your water comes
symptoms begin birth
indicates that it is. To hospital
you should contact your doctor. When the birth begins, the cervix opens slowly. When this opening reaches about 10 centimeters, the first stage of labor
it would be.

Your baby this month on average 3000-3.300 gr. weighs and 51 centimeters
Long. Head for childbirth
birth waiting in a position that enters the canal. Completed development
Moving area for
thoroughly decreased. Lanogo hairs have almost disappeared. Spilled lanugo
hairs, cells from the skin
It provides. It is ready for the outside world.

Usually the mother and father candidates
”Cesarean section
or normal birth? ” Do not necessarily doctor
together with idea
your cooperation
It will be relieved. During the pregnancy follow-up, your doctor will
In a mother, the baby is not overly large and the mother's birth canal is
If the case is vaginal
If there is no roof shortness in the examination, most importantly if the expectant mother wants to give birth normally,

Your baby is in the opposite position, breech position or side position
lies, labor pains
baby's heart during
distortion of baby sounds, the baby's symptoms of oxygen deficiency
the baby is very overweight
whether the mother's birth
If it does not pass through the canal, cesarean delivery should be planned.

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