Is it harmful to use fly medication during pregnancy

Is it harmful to use fly medication during pregnancy

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It is one of the most exciting and sensitive periods in a woman's life. This period
if you investigate enough,
you can handle them all. Especially in summer
One of the biggest problems in pregnancies is flies, after hot flashes.
Flies can disturb you more than normal times at night.
Especially if you are between the 6th and 9th months of pregnancy
they may miss your sleep. Well, don't let the flies miss your sleep.
How can I block?

Fly repellent
the use of sprays is harmful because it is a kind of chemical, and
Inhalation of pregnant women is also known to be harmful to the baby. Fly repellent
mother contact with chemicals preterm birth or birth
diseases. However, if there are too many flies in the
If the repellent is bored; after getting bored of the fly repellent 8
the mother should not enter the room for hours. After 8 hours
can be ventilated and the mother can be entered here. In the flies
exit from the room is provided. Ask your partner to remove your bedroom from the fly.
when the room comes out, spraying with a fly repellent spray and returning home from work in the evening
ventilation. We will gladly do it for you.

airing or the very next day
if you don't want to, you should note:

Always install mosquito nets on your windows. so
no need to deal with sprays.

Early in the day when the flies were more intense
Do not be out of hours and sunset. So outside
you are not exposed to flies.

Fine linen for avoiding bites from flies
also choose to wear trousers and long-sleeved, thin, sweat-free clothing
You can.

Fly repellent spray is also vigorously from the fly hive lotions
you should never use these lotions. In research, this
17% of the substance found in fly hive lotions and referred to as DEET
through the bloodstream. This chemical directly damages the baby
Data. It can also lead to birth anomalies.
It has been identified. You should avoid all chemicals that carry chemicals for your baby's health.
She also writes herbal, but unreliable lotions
You should not drive.

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