Twin pregnancy problems and problems

Twin pregnancy problems and problems

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Pregnant having twin babies
is a sweet dream for most women. Two babies instead of one, the second
to be able to raise two siblings at the same time without experiencing a pregnancy;
it is of course good to live knowing that they have companions. But pregnancy
In the process of carrying two babies instead of one
There are some difficulties.
In addition to this sweet rush, the problems and solutions you may have
You must also know the ways.

Twin pregnancy problems, problems most remarkable in
Pregnancy symptoms are more intense and severe. Nausea and
Complaints seen in early pregnancy such as vomiting are more common than singleton pregnancies.
may be more. In this case, you should consult your doctor's advice and
You should follow the recommendations to reduce symptoms.

Mother with twin pregnancy
Anemia is more common in candidates. Therefore, early pregnancy
iron taxation in the postoperative period, complaints related to anemia
It will prevent.

Advancing pregnancy
periods of two babies instead of one, as a result of
pain is more than singleton pregnancies
may cause difficulties. Therefore if women who have twin pregnancy
if they work, they may need to leave for the following months. Walk
difficulty in some pregnant women due to the increase in weight gain
Difficulties in getting You are also pregnant with twin babies.
more often than regular pregnant women
passages are important.

Twin pregnancy problems, problems The most important among undoubtedly
preterm labor and the risk of miscarriage. Usually in twin pregnancies
birth does not take 40 weeks as in singleton pregnancies. So premature births
for a hospital birth with infant intensive care
It should be. Since preterm delivery is high, it is
There should be a hospital with baby intensive care and delivery should be planned.
In recent months, the expectant mother quits her job and risks at home.
must rest. Because the mother is mobile
can cause premature birth.

Another issue is for twin babies.
Pregnant mothers are advised to give birth by caesarean section. if
babies come with head coming and if the pelvic structure of the expectant mother is appropriate,
but nowadays, cesarean section is preferred in multiple pregnancies.

What Should Pregnant Parents Do?

Pregnancy is pretty for women
is a delicate period. All biological with their babies growing in the womb
on the other hand, the mother
and begin. In this most delicate and miraculous period of human life, father
There is a lot that candidates must do.

The mood of the expectant mother changes
can be more than cheerful or sad. Unbalanced mothers
behave to balance the mood;
and should never react.

Weight gain of the expectant mother and
An increase in the hairs on the body can be seen. For this reason, the prospective mother
may be unhappy by disliking the appearance, body weight as soon as possible
birth may want to get rid of. Understanding his impatience
to appease him and to say that his new look suits him.
should not stand back. However, if the expectant mother
If he has gained excess weight, it should ensure a balanced diet, with him
should enter a healthy diet. No doubt this is for the health of your baby
It is important.

Mother's Doctor
to accompany the controls and see the ultrasound images of the baby,
even if it does not carry in the belly will allow the candidate to adopt the baby. Father
candidates for this reason touching the belly of the mother and the doctor under the control of ultrasound
looking at the images should try to feel the presence of the baby. So you can
develop a sympathy with the expectant mother in every second
It will be easy.

Your father must go into labor
but sometimes the expectant mother can demand it. Mother-to-be
if the child needs support during childbirth
should prepare itself. When labor pains or water comes, father
the candidate should remain calm and guide the mother, panic with breathing exercises
should try to prevent However, after a long time after the arrival of water
unnecessary fuss should not be caught. Keep in mind
it is the mother who will ultimately experience the birth.
That the father-to-be will always remain calm and support him until the last moment.
is required.

Being a mother as well as being a father
important tasks. The excitement of the mother during pregnancy,
to share his concerns
to know that a baby is loaded and act accordingly

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