Do harmful sun rays affect the unborn baby?

Do harmful sun rays affect the unborn baby?

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With the summer season, the holidays approached. Physicians, the indispensable part of the summer holiday continues to warn about the sun. Especially for pregnant women ışın Harmful rays both harm to the mother and the baby draws attention to the Anadolu Health Center Skin Diseases Specialist Dr.. Sadiye Kuş gives information about the effects of sunbathing on baby and mother during pregnancy.

What are the negative effects of sunlight on a pregnant person?

Whether it is pregnant or not, the sun's rays have negative effects on the person, such as premature aging and the development of skin cancer. In pregnancy, depending on the changes in hormone levels, the skin is more sensitive to sun rays and sunburn can occur in a shorter time. In addition, dark spots may appear on the forehead, nose and cheeks, also called “cloasma” and ”pregnancy mask te during pregnancy. It is a harmless condition that usually disappears after birth. However, exposure to the sun may make this condition more severe and prolonged.

An important point for the baby in the womb is that some studies show that ultraviolet rays of the sun can break down folic acid, which is very important for the neural tube development of the baby. Folic acid deficiency may occur in the mother with the breakdown of folic acid. As it is known, folic acid deficiency causes neural tube defects such as spina bifida in the baby in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

What can be done for sun protection during pregnancy?

  • A broad-spectrum perfume-free sunscreen with at least 15 protection factors should be used.
  • The use should be renewed every 2 hours.
  • Avoid being in direct sunlight between 11: 00-16: 00.
  • Avoiding such products as perfumes and lotions can cause skin reaction by creating photosensitivity with the sun.
  • A wide-brimmed hat should be used to protect the face and neck.

Can a solarium be used during pregnancy?

It is known that the solarium, with or without pregnancy, increases the risk of skin cancer at least as much as natural sunlight. In addition, the solarium, just like the sauna, increases the body temperature, so there is a possibility of increasing the risk of spinal malformation for the baby. Therefore, the solarium is not safe during pregnancy.

 If bronze skin is absolutely required, can tanning creams be used during pregnancy?

It is not known exactly how much of the chemical substances in such products are absorbed from the skin and what effects it has on the baby. Therefore, the use of bronzing products should be avoided during pregnancy due to insufficient data on these products.

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