Is it possible to travel during pregnancy

Is it possible to travel during pregnancy

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is the period that should pay more attention. However, still
avoid scientifically proven
should not be deprived of enjoyment. Pregnant mothers can walk, walk or even
they can do certain sports. If low risk expressed by doctor
If this period of pregnant women have an active life
morale in place and will ensure stress-free.

But who wants to travel
Pregnant candidates have doubts about whether they can board. Air travel during pregnancy risky
Pregnancies are free to expectant mothers. Risk of miscarriage
conditions (usually with bleeding), diabetes, preterm labor
risk, twin or
multiple pregnancy situations, infant developmental retardation and the baby's spouse
For prospective parents if there are problems during pregnancy
Airplane trip

If your doctor specifies
There is no problem traveling by plane up to 8 months if there is no risk. This
mothers who have experienced a low risk of bleeding among high-risk pregnancies,
However, the problem of blood clotting remains stagnant for long hours in an aircraft
In high pregnancies, leg balls can lead to clotting in the vein. These clots are from the legs.
If it reaches the lungs separated, the so-called "pulmonary embolism" occurs
and the expectant mother may suffer vital risk. So blood clotting and condensation
risk of pregnancy, such as pregnancy
very long flights (in economy class seats) highly recommended
It is not. At least on long flights to avoid distress,
periodically walk in the corridor of the aircraft - as often as possible -
clothes, plenty of fluids are recommended.

Different flights about pregnancy
procedures with airline companies. The mother-to-be
preparation. Some companies expect the flight of the expectant mother from the 28th week
a health report or doctor
report. This is to avoid any problems while traveling.
procedures must be learned and performed. Flight of mothers
avoid stress when they need to,
not to be caught.

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