Pregnancy and reflux

Pregnancy and reflux

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Pregnant mothers
some digestive disorders. One of them is during pregnancy
resulting reflux.

Reflux of food in the mouth of the stomach
loosening of the valve connected to the tube and the stomach in the throat
is the disease encountered. With the arrival of stomach water to the mouth, such as nausea and burning
leads to stomach complaints.

Pregnancy and reflux relationship, actually some secreted during pregnancy
It is caused by hormones preparing the ground for reflux. Especially estrogen and
progesterone hormones cause this condition. Reflux for the first time in pregnancy
There are mothers. However, reflux after birth without the need for additional treatment
disappears. Woman with pre-reflux also during pregnancy
complaints may also increase. In this case, some treatments that will not harm the baby and
nutritional recommendations come up.

Reflux mothers
and eat frequently and not lie down after eating. also
they need to eat slowly and well. Acidic food
It should be avoided. Foods that can exacerbate reflux during pregnancy include: orange, lemon, grapefruit,
tomato, french fries, chips, onion, spices, coffee (caffeinated or
decaffeinated) and tea. Other than that, the mother complaining of reflux
candidates for lean and spice-free
cooked red meat or chicken meat in oven
recommended to eat baked potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, feta cheese, banana
It is.

Again from reflux disease
complainant mothers should drink plenty of water. But eat the juice
better for their stomachs to drink before and after dinner, not during
It will be. If they stop eating at least three hours before bedtime
sleep better. You can also stand upright during the day, bowing upside down
may also prevent gastric acid from progressing towards the mouth. And also
weight gain during pregnancy can also increase reflux complaints.
Therefore, expectant mothers should be careful not to eat too much, not to gain excess weight.
It should work.

If reflux despite these recommendations
If the disease is disturbing the expectant mother
tablets available. These drugs have no side effects, but still
should be used with the advice of your doctor. Any surgery to pregnant women
A method or an endoscopic treatment alternative is usually not recommended.
The fact that complaints will disappear after birth should also be taken into consideration.

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