High blood pressure after pregnancy

High blood pressure after pregnancy

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Mother suffering from high blood pressure disease before becoming pregnant
There are situations in which candidates should be aware of during pregnancy. These;

-Mother candidate is weighed at the same time every day at the same scale,

-The same way every day after resting blood pressure
measure and note.

- When you notice your blood pressure rises to your left
Relax by lying down. Mother and baby
endanger the supply. Therefore, it minimizes energy consumption and
should rest the body.

-Mother candidate regularly rest during the day
must. To relax, you should choose quiet environments that are not too bright.

- Protein-rich to prevent edema
foods - such as milk, yogurt, meat, eggs, legumes - to choose
there is. He should stay as far away from the salt as possible.

- Drink plenty of fluids.

-Vascular contraction and elevated blood pressure
avoid stressful and tense environments.

- Watch the baby move in your abdomen. Normal conditions
The baby should make 10 moves in two to three hours. Baby's movements
Consult a specialist immediately if it is low.

Is there a risk?

Low blood pressure during pregnancy
Although hypertension is not as dangerous. Low blood pressure mother
problems such as general unconsciousness, dizziness, dizziness.
Inadequate fluid intake, excessive
hot and long standing. Plenty to take precautions
consuming fluids, exercising regularly, preferring to lie on the left,
eating regularly, sitting slowly to stay is enough.

High blood pressure after pregnancy ends in the mother. But
in some severe preeclampsia cases within 48 - 72 hours after delivery
There is a risk of eclampsia. Therefore, the mother's condition after birth
continue to be examined. Paralysis due to high blood pressure
In some cases after birth to control blood pressure in order to prevent
need to use blood pressure lowering medication for several weeks.

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