Pre-pregnancy exercise and benefits

Pre-pregnancy exercise and benefits

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your Pregnancy
to ensure that you are comfortable with your pregnancy.
live. The first thing you do when you decide to get pregnant
If you are smoking is to quit and take care of your diet. your body
to prepare for the baby is not enough to pay attention to your diet. Pre-pregnancy exercise with
you should be able to prepare your abdominal, waist and pelvic muscles to carry your baby. 9 months
these muscles will weaken because of carrying the baby.
great benefits for you to start strengthening before pregnancy
It will provide.

These benefits
the first one is the base that carries your baby and makes you feel satisfied during sexual intercourse.
Provides pelvic muscles to develop. These muscles of the genital area
starting from the side of the spinal cord looks like a sling. Before birth
In recent months, these muscles thoroughly weakened. Kegel exercises strengthening your pelvic muscles with
It is possible.

Well, Kegel
How do you do the exercises before pregnancy? Firstly the pelvic floor
By finding your muscles, you only need to run those muscles. your urine
the pelvic muscles. In the process of being orgasm
We also use these muscles. This is Kegel exercises
It is called. If you are holding your breath or squeezing your muscles
if you are squeezing your stomach, you are using the wrong muscles and the movement is correct.
can not it do not. Re-find the original muscles 10 times fast, 10 times slow
We recommend that you do this tightening and loosening.

exercises to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles
and these exercises have positive effects on the pregnancy process.
located. As the baby grows in your abdomen, a load will form in your body.
and pain in your waist and back. So before pregnancy
strengthening your muscles with exercises is important. Yoga and Pilates
muscles and methods that allow you to stretch your body to the baby
You can prepare. Keep in mind that, although pregnancy is a sensitive period,
strengthen your muscles, eat nutritious and healthy foods and stress
to stay away easily become a pleasant and exciting period with
It may come. Pre-pregnancy exercise, continued during pregnancy
However, the doctor's advice must be taken. If you risk low
If you are not experiencing a pregnancy, exercise and sports
You can.

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