How much folic acid should be taken before pregnancy

How much folic acid should be taken before pregnancy

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During pregnancy, the body has
it needs. This situation according to the needs of the baby growing up and developing
varies. Folic acid before expectant mothers become pregnant
vitamin group that should start to consume. Folic acid use of the baby
It is an important step for cell and nervous system development. Protein in the body
synthesis, cell proliferation and bone marrow
It helps in such cases. This vitamin group is not stored in the body and
should be taken every day for the reason.

What is Folic Acid?

It is a B group and water soluble vitamin. Natural food
in the form of folate, found in drugs and processed foods.
form is called folic acid. Cell building blocks, blood cells and
especially in the formation and development of nervous system tissues
It has.

Folic acid to the baby
What are the benefits?

Fetal growth and development, with rapid cell division
is a period characterized. For this reason, DNA and RNA production critical
In this role, the use of sufficient folic acid during this period is extremely important.
According to many years of research, sufficient amounts during pregnancy
folic acid use in the baby's central nervous system abnormalities that
significantly reduced the likelihood of

A little variety in many women before pregnancy
causes folic acid deficiency. Folic with pregnancy
The need for acid increases and can develop folic acid failure rapidly. Before pregnancy
nutritional supplement and additional folic acid drugs,
problems that may arise may be overcome.

What to take folic acid
When to start?

Folic acid, as mentioned above, is the
is important for the development of the nervous system.
must be started. When pregnancy is planned, at least
daily starting from 3 months before the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy
It is recommended to use 400 micrograms of folic acid. Not to forget about it
the condition is that folic acid is not stored in the body and should be taken every day.

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