How do you accustom your baby to sleep in his own bed?

How do you accustom your baby to sleep in his own bed?

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It is best and best to put the baby in their own bed from the moment of birth. However, the solution is not difficult if your baby is still 2 years old but still wants to sleep with you.Psychological Counsel Işın Akıs suggestions will help you.

Many families want to sleep with the child's mother and father is common.

• The child should be laid separately from the time of birth. However, because some families are suckling milk, the temperature of each room is different and so on. first, they sleep with the child. As the child grows up, it is difficult to leave.
• Make your room cute as you begin to leave. Put colorful toys on your bed, colorful toys and colorful paintings on the wall, and keep in mind that it is useful to turn on the night light until you go to sleep.
• If the child resists not to leave the family room; "Look, we all have a room, this is your room," try to direct to his room with sentences.
• When the child is admitted to the room, read the story from the book and tell a fairy tale.
• In the first few days, fulfill the demand of kal stay with me until I fall asleep ”.
• Reward your desire to sleep alone. Motivate with sentences like “Very good, well done you go alone now yat.
• Contribute to the development of the “My room” feeling by adjusting the bed with the child.
• Your child says, “Are you sleeping together? Why am I sleeping separately? Sor In that case, answer: ca When you become a mother / father, you will sleep together when you wear a groom / wedding dress. We used to sleep alone in separate houses and separate beds. ”
• Modify the room with the advice of your child over 3 years old. Leave the decision and responsibility to the child with questions such as nereye Where should we put that teddy bear and turn his bed like that?..
• Allow the door to remain open on the first days of bed.
• Make a day of positive emotions once a week. Applaud to the family who behaved that week. In this way, develop the child's positive attitude towards sleeping alone.
• Children between the ages of 3-6 years of the object is seen. He wants his blanket, toy, or something to be with him while he's lying down. He feels like he won't sleep without it. In time, he gives up this habit. So let him.
• Remember that the child needs to breathe comfortably in order to sleep well and feel safe. If you cannot breathe easily, make sure that you feel safe in your bed by completing the necessary treatment.

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