What you should know when feeding your baby with a bottle

What you should know when feeding your baby with a bottle

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Feeding our babies, the most beautiful fruit of our lives
it may seem quite easy from the outside, but when it comes to
you will understand that it is not easy. When your baby does not suck the breast
baby bottle
or that the mother is not able to breastfeed her baby when she has a job.
a great savior at times or when he leaves the baby with his father
There is always a bottle in the circuit.

 When using a bottle
what should we pay attention to?

Easy to use from the outside
when using a bottle.
many things to consider
has. What is this needs attention
Let's specify a few of the issues immediately.

Primarily when using a bottle
if we have the opportunity to lay our baby in the position where the mother sucked
We need to invest. If there is no way to put our baby in this way, forty-five
degree angle by placing the pillow under the head. After that
feeding the bottle slowly into the mouth,
by blocking. Because when we turn some bottles
food is known to flow very quickly.

This way you can
cough, vomit and even no
the possibility to go up to the breathless situation that one of us does not want
There. For this reason, the baby's bear and the end of the bottle for how many months
By comparing that it is appropriate we should give it that way. Because the bottle ends
hole varies by month. This is the drip speed
It is set. You will appreciate that a 2-month baby and a 9-month baby
suction speed and strength are different from each other.

Baby bottle cleaning
How should it be done?

Another important consideration is the use of the bottle
Cleaning is. Some mothers just rinse the bottle with water
the next time you put water and food and baby again
It serves. Never do that. Baby bottle for cleaning of pepper
cleaning brushes.

Thanks to these brushes
the bottle and the tip should be cleaned and accumulated microbes should be purified.
Furthermore, the steriliser is added to the water to remove germs.
salts or tablets.

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