Beauty recommendations during pregnancy

Beauty recommendations during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a feeling without recipe. It gives you beauty. But her skin,
hair and nails. Morale is very important here.
Because such a situation is never permanent. Very easy to improve your mood
and simple maintenance methods
applying beauty
You can create. Pregnancy
beauty to be done during
Suggestions include:

1) Consume plenty of water: Water consumption
it is really a very important concept. Pregnancy
Consume plenty of water during the period is quite beneficial for the skin. in kidneys
to help you work well by eliminating thirst and at the same time
To increase mental performance should consume water. At least for this day
Consuming 4 glasses of water will help you quite a bit.

2) Vegetable and Fruit Consumption: During Pregnancy
edible foods should be paid attention. Every food is eaten because it is reflected on the skin.
Extreme care must be taken to maintain oil and moisture balance. For this
vitamins and mineral supplements should be consumed. It also supports vegetables and
gives fruits. subject to washing of vegetables and fruits before consuming in terms of hygiene
It is very important. Beauty is at stake
should be consumed.

3) Omega 3: A handful of nuts, walnuts per day
or consume almonds helps to refresh the lifeless and pale-looking skin.
In addition to omega 3, the consumption of calcium is extremely important. Milk it
and dairy products.

4) Make Bath: As Normally
taking a bath during pregnancy is quite relaxing. But used correctly
bathing with products is very important. Without perfume, colorless and too much
non-foaming products should be bathed. The temperature of the water is also very
It is important. Bathing with too much hot water can damage your skin. So on the skin
dryness and exfoliation of the skin. This is itching and
leads to cracks. When such a situation is in question
After bathing, the skin should be moistened.

5) Exercise: One of the recommendations for care during pregnancy
is to exercise. Outdoor walks or easy plates and yoga
exercises should be done. Because for the acceleration of blood circulation and the same
by a qualified doctor because it facilitates the removal of toxins in time.
Do exercise in a controlled manner as well as care
It is very important for both health and wellness.