Depression After Birth

Depression After Birth

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Depression after birth; definition of birth
in the last 4 weeks after
The major is entering into a depressive period.

Postpartum depression, seen in part of women
melancholy is a very different and serious situation. But some
in women this period can be seen to extend up to 6 weeks.

Although the reasons are not known clearly,
hormonal changes that occur suddenly after
It is thought to be. Another reason is the “psychological
stress. Excessive responsibility the mother develops against her baby
Sense may also be another reason underlying the incident.

Events that exacerbate postpartum depression are
or economic problems.
Women who are mothers for the first time in their lives
women are also at high risk of depression. Previous
This risk is higher in mothers with depression after pregnancy.
It is seen.

Mostly 1st and 5th days immediately after birth
symptoms begin. Most common findings in mild depression
reluctance, weakness, forgetfulness, irritability and various fears. These
sleep problems are also seen. More than mild depression
In these cases of anxiety, anxiety, crying crises, against the baby
apathy, panic attacks, severe sleep disorders, death and suicidal thoughts
It can be added.

Around 5% of postpartum depression
Encountered. Previously, social status and husband and wife relationships
economic situation when it is considered that there is no relationship, new studies
It is suggested that it is seen 2 times more in bad and single women.

The probability of depression is 2-3 times in early mothers
seen more. Emotional state during pregnancy and after birth
There was no relationship between depression.

Postpartum depression treatment with major depression
is almost the same. Psychotherapy and antidepressant drugs
Recommended. Since the use of antidepressants is not recommended for nursing mothers,
treatment plan of obstetricians and gynecologists during treatment
they will be eligible.

In depression, psychotherapy may be sufficient instead of medical treatment.
In most patients, complaints disappear within 1 year at the latest. These
in cases other than the depressive attacks are seen.

If you have postpartum depression, this period is good and comfortable
to survive

You can follow the suggestions below;

-Don't tire yourself too much. Getting your sleep mentally
is very important for your health.

- Try sleeping when your baby is asleep.

- If your sleep is disrupted by your baby's movements
Try changing the room.

-Don't be the only one responsible for your baby.
Develop a shift system.

-Get help around you to care for the baby.
So give yourself time to rest.

- What you eat during pregnancy and lactation, and
Be careful what you drink.

If you feel bad or weak
Don't waste time to get support.

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