10 simple ways to get pregnant

10 simple ways to get pregnant

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You decided to have a baby and
Now it's time to get pregnant. So what can be done to make your pregnancy easier
no stuff? Of course there is! Continue writing

Women are most likely to be pregnant
Only 15% of couples without health problems
be able to. In short, during the woman's ovulation period, sperm and egg
Bringing together is not an easy task. Well, there's no way to make it easier.
Do you?

Regular Shag: This
The article may sound like an overdone approach to you but it is not. Unlike many
The more you make love, the greater your chances of getting pregnant. Normally
the duration of the sperm to remain alive in the body 5 gum. Regular sex life, full
will increase the chance of bringing the sperm together with the egg during the ovulation period.

Caffeine Cutting: Research
shows that caffeine consumption halves the chance of getting pregnant.

Keeping Your Spouse Cool: Male's
The heat around the ovaries creates problems for the sperm. Therefore
ask your partner to wear plenty of cotton underwear that does not stick to his body.

Dieting: Probably
This is what we're gonna like most, J.
According to the results of the researches; women calorie intake
the level of reproductive hormones also drops.

Adding to your diet: Zinc,
Take Selenium, Vitamin E and C.

Zinc and Vitamin E: This
two for your partner. Zinc helps cell regeneration and vitamin E
provides support for cell renewal. As your partner's sperm gets stronger
your eggs will be less likely to resist it.
Selenium: This is for your partner. Testosterone and selenium for sperm count increase
is an important vitamin.
Vitamin C: Again for your partner. Vitamin C of your partner
It will improve sperm quality and this will help you get pregnant.
Zinc: This time Zinc is for you. You too
easier to get pregnant with cell division and regeneration by drinking zinc
You will be able to stay.

Drink and Stop Smoking:This
apply the substance other than getting pregnant. Drinking and smoking both women and
directly affects male reproductive organs. Especially in smoking men
lowers sperm count and impairs sperm motility. Excessive alcohol intake
spoil the structure of sperm.

Drug Use !:you use
Talk to your doctor first about medications. Continue to use
Find out which you cannot use and how long before you can get pregnant.

Pain Relievers: your doctor
Some painkillers that will inform you are used during the ovulation period
In this case, it causes suppression of prostaglandin hormone in female body.
However, you need this hormone because your egg thanks to this hormone
falls into the fallopian tube.

Increase Fever:to
Vitamins and D increase both sexual desire and coping with impotence
helps. In addition, you and your partner to strengthen your metabolism
Accelerates. Do not waste time to start using.

Going to Control:Long
but if you can't get pregnant with your spouse
See your doctor. This does not necessarily mean that you have something bad, but also
you or your partner may also have a medical condition. How quickly you can detect it
you can have a baby so quickly.

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